The Quest for Perfect Exercise

There are some people out there who genuinely experience the exerciser’s high. They love the feeling they get from exercise. They bounce around like a little puppy happy at the idea of an outing to discover that lovely feeling once more.

For the rest of us, we go because we know we are better when we do, but while we are there it is such hard work. We are the ones who look for the perfect exercise. Preferably it would take 7.5 minutes, burn 1500 calories, not cause us to break into a sweat and tone our muscles too.

The perfect exercise doesn’t exist

Here’s the bad news, like everlasting life, the perfect exercise does not exist. But the benefits of squats comes close.

Squats are amazingly good for you. They are also quite difficult to do properly, but when you do, you’re going to feel the effects quickly.

Squats – beyond the legs

Squats create an environment which builds muscle in the entire body. This equation is a simple one: Squats build muscle which burns fat.

Increased mobility

benefits of squats

Staying mobile as you get older depends on the power in your legs. Squats work your quadriceps, hamstrings and calves. It is a truism that the more you keep going, the more you will keep going.

Squats also help with core stabilizing muscles which aid balance and the communication between your brain and muscle groups.

Toning power

It’s not just your legs that get the workout. Squats tighten the behind and the abs too. You might add a weight in each hand if you want to build up the power too.

Be sure to do squats properly

To get the benefits from squats, you must do them properly, so please, take the time to find out how.