Designing A Golf Course Is A Challenging Task

When it comes to designing a golf course there are a lot of things you have to take into account. There’s not even a ‘right’ place to start. You might begin by considering the people who will play the course. If you’re expecting to host a professional competition your holes will need to be a lot more challenging than if you’re expecting only people from around the area.

Golf resort design is not a game for amateurs.  Before you begin the design phase you will need to consider environmental considerations. If you’re trying to create hills and bunkers on a flat surface, there’s going to be a lot more work than if you can build your obstacles into the natural topography.


You’re going to need more water than you imagined. Besides the desire to have some natural water about the place, small lakes for aesthetic purposes, you will also need a source of water for all of the greens and possibly, you will need it all year round. Depending on where you are, the rest of the grounds may also need water during the height of the summer.  (Maybe this is why the game was invented in Scotland!)

Golf resort design


But regardless of who your expected players are, you are still going to need a wide range of different challenges which are not going to be so daunting that a newbie would be totally intimidated, but not so easy as to drive off the customer base.


Don’t forget in order to make money, you need plenty of players, and that means frequent tee-times. The course needs to have a natural flow to allow players to pass and cross each other too.

But when you have it all slip into place, it’s going to look fabulous.