Always Time For Golf

For days and days, I had the date highlighted on my calendar. “Golf day.”

new york tee times

It was a strenuous time at work. I simply could not get away. The demands of my professional duties left me no time for golf. I so look forwarded to that day emblazoned in red ink, with yellow marker background: “golf day.”

That day, my day, golf day, was horrible. We all know how new york tee times can be. When I finally had time for golf, golf had no time for me. Every last minute on the green was booked, taken, marked by someone else. I was disappointed to the point of devastation.

I did spend golf day on the green, of sorts. I mowed my grass. I mowed my neighbor’s grass. I mowed my ex-wife’s grass. It was golf day, my day, but I was locked out of paradise.

Throughout the sweat of that miserable afternoon of mowing-an afternoon whose humidity would have still been redeemed with a great golf game-I did  deep thinking. I decided I needed to change my life.

I needed to change my life by finding a new course, a new venue for golf. Never again did I want to face the horror of being denied a tee-time. Never again did I want golf day, my day, to be reduced to a day of mowing grass.

The blue sky seems a deeper shade of blue when you peer up at it from the shadow of a visor between holes in a golf game. Nothing in the world seems more precious than a nine-iron that sparkles as you grab hold of it. There’s no sight more beautiful than a golf ball you just hit flying through the air like a bird dancing on the wind.

Get a Fit and Powerful Body

If you want to get fit, it is going to take exercise. Maybe you want to lose weight and calorie counting just is not going fast enough for you. Or, maybe you are already at an ideal weight but you want to get in better shape. Or, you are already quite fit and you want to take it further. No matter what the case is, you can do it all with the right type of workout.

A workout that is designed for everybody is what you need. It will get you in condition to lose weight and feel great. The question is what kind of workout should you do? You should try high-intensity interval training and see how it works for you. It is a heavy intensity exercise program that uses various different exercises to get you in shape so you feel great.

high-intensity interval training

Do you want to look and feel better? Then good exercise is the way to do it. Once you get started, you will begin to notice a difference in the way you feel. You have more energy and you are able to move better than before with increased flexibility and strength. As you get into it more, you will start to see that you are losing weight. This will bring you to a level of satisfaction.

Later, when you get more advanced, you get to hit the real gold. You get into it and then you are getting more advanced. The pounds just melt away and you find that you can eat whatever you want within reason. This is where you want to be, right? Ideally, you should be fit, happy, lean, and ready to tackle anything in life.

This is the kind of exercise that increases motivation and makes you ready for the world. You feel energetic and sleep better, with a good mood to boot.